Saturday, August 11, 2012

Back cover Blurb is done.

Let me know what you think!

A love older than mankind.
A brotherhood devastated by greed.
A man who stands to lose it all.

Michael and Luc were created as brothers; the perfect team, complementing each other in every way. A need for power turned them into eternal enemies, both of their lives destroyed. Broken by what he felt compelled to do, Michael left the bliss and warmth of the Heavens; and the only love he’d ever known to keep Luc bound. He walks the earth over and over, in constant torment to keep his secret.

Until now.

Lane is a college senior with a bright future after a troubled start in life. Popular in school, lethal in the boxing ring, two best friends who are more like brothers, and a girlfriend madly in love with him; he seems to have the perfect life. Dreams, flashing symbols, and an attack on his 21st birthday unleash a chain of events sending Lane and his friends racing across the country looking for answers. Along the way, revelations are made and history is revealed.

Armed with newly recovered memories and a resolve to see unfinished business to a conclusion, Lane is forced to lead the group down a path that could forever alter the fate of humanity.

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